Posted: 7th December 2018

As the Upper School girls celebrated the Carol Service at Christ Church yesterday evening, two things really stood out for me, and I discovered afterwards that I was not alone in thinking this way.

The first thing that gradually dawned on me was how happy and engaged the girls all looked. It may seem strange for me to say this, because this is exactly what we are always saying we want for the girls, but looking at them with fresh (and occasionally tearful) eyes last night, I was so very proud of them. Smartly turned out in their blazers, they smiled and sang and read and played their way through an hour that simply sped by. They confidently moved from one part of the service to the next, without fuss or worry, doing their best and supporting each other.

The second thing that was commented on by so many was the quality of the music. I am so glad that we have the talents, vision, energy and cheerful enthusiasm of Miss Riley, whose second carol service at Stormont provided a range of traditional and modern pieces that the girls performed so very well. Her supporting cast, numbering Mr Martin (no relation!), Mr Riley, Mr Mason and Mrs Miles, all made musical contributions to this special occasion. Mrs Poth, Mrs Green, Mrs Turnbull and Miss Johnston’s pupils all played and sang too, and it would not be right to omit them from the generous praise and kind comments that so many of you shared last night.

Thank you to all of the girls, the staff and everyone else who contributed to such a memorable evening.