Hard Work and Commitment

Posted: 4th February 2019

This week we have been without a full complement of staff, and I salute my colleagues for their hard work and commitment in ensuring that the show has gone on.

The sponsored animal obstacle course on Tuesday was more of a challenge than I had bargained for (thank you to Form 6 for their encouragement!) and Henry VIII’s visit yesterday afternoon was spellbinding, according to Mrs Cunningham. Mrs Curley and Mr Cronin’s morning Maths session for Lower School parents was very well attended, and (we hope) helpful. All in all it has been another great week, topped off with a Good Work Assembly today packed with Maths awards for Form 3, beany frogs and motorised cars by Form 4, tie-dyed embroidered bags and Magna Cartas by Form 5, a graphic presentation by Ani and Bella of scientific data, with an anomaly (try explaining that on the hoof to Reception!), and a number of awards and certificates for dramatic and sporting achievements.

As we all look ahead to the weekend and a well-deserved rest for everyone, I know that many of the girls are planning some snowy adventures and building projects. I am looking forward to being out in the snow with the dogs for part of tomorrow, but I will also be spending time relaxing with a good book. If you prefer the sofa to the snow and are looking for something to read, the Spring 2019 edition of Attain magazine (available online as well as in print) contains a number of articles that may prove to be of interest: trust (between parents and school), sleep, engineering, diversity, newspapers as homework, changes to senior school entrance procedures, friendship problems, and school dogs (Miss Pearson had them!).

Whatever you are doing, enjoy the weekend.