Honest Feedback

Posted: 26th February 2019

Listening is a key feature of a successful organisation, and we have been listening to the girls over the last few weeks: School Council have reported back effectively (and overwhelmingly positively) about lunches, and every class in Upper School has taken part in a midyear internal survey about learning at Stormont. The girls have been surprised that, following a couple of points they raised, we have already started to make some changes.

It is now time to turn our ears outwards and ask you, the parents, for your honest feedback on how we are doing. The questionnaire we are sending you all today is much the same as the one that the inspectors use, and we need you to give us your feedback – both positive and otherwise – as honestly as you can. Only then can we respond and work to make Stormont even better.

The questionnaire will take you a couple of minutes to complete if that, but will be immensely helpful. When I first arrived at Stormont over five years ago I asked everyone two questions: what makes the school special, and how do we make it even better? This is still one of my guiding principles and, with your help, we can do just that.

Thank you in advance for your responses to the questionnaire, enjoy the half term break and I look forward to reporting back to you all by the end of term.