The Day the Crayons Quit

Posted: 11th March 2019

‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ has been our inspiration for World Book Day and in our writing this week. This morning in assembly we heard from every class with their version of Duncan’s response, whether in the form of a poster, a letter or a poem:-

Reception (Red Crayon): Do your best, ask for help if you need it.
Form 1 (Green Crayon): Maybe don’t brag so much? Remember everyone else, and make a place for them too.
Form 2 (White Crayon): Thank you for telling me how you feel. I’m sorry. I will try to include you more.
Form 3 (Grey Crayon): I’m glad you could share this with me. I will try to include you in different ways.
Form 4 (Yellow Crayon): Oh dear! You are being rather grumpy and selfish. Why not try working with Orange Crayon as a team?
Form 5 (Blue Crayon): I hear you. I will try to give you a bit of a rest, so that you don’t get worn out.
Form 6 (Black Crayon): You’re right, you aren’t just the outline, or the dark. You can be so many things. Enjoy being you!

Listening, reflecting and responding to this wonderful book has given us all pause for thought this week. Why not read it with your daughter and discuss what would your responses would be?