Storming Stormont Success

Posted: 20th March 2019

This week I am saying a huge ‘Congratulations!’ to each and every one of our Form 6 girls. Between them they have amassed 47 offers, including 12 scholarships and awards: one music award, five sports scholarships and awards and six academic scholarships. Destination schools this year are Aldenham, Bishop’s Hatfield, Chancellor’s, Haberdashers’ Aske’s, Haileybury, Presdales, QE Barnet, Queenswood, St Albans High and St Margaret’s (Bushey).

Offers have also been received from Abbot’s Hill, North London Collegiate, Princess Helena College, St Christopher’s (Letchworth), St Edmund’s College (Ware), St John’s and Sherrardswood.

I am hugely proud of the girls, for their hard work, and hugely grateful to every member of staff for their commitment to, support for and focus on each individual girl.

Bravo everyone!

Child Safety
In order to keep your children safe, please may I remind all parents to drive slowly and carefully at all times on site? Several cars have been seen arriving and leaving at speed both today and on at least one other afternoon this week at the end of school, when girls are walking out of the building.

Please may I also remind Upper School parents that until a member of staff arrives at 8.00am on the verandah, the girls should not be left unaccompanied?

Thank you for working with us to keep the girls safe.