Muddy Stilettos

Posted: 25th March 2019

I am always proud to show visitors around the school, not just because of the fantastic facilities we have on offer but also – and far more so – because of the people who populate them. This week I have toured a retired Head, a sports coach, a prospective parent and a potential candidate for a post at Stormont, and all have said almost exactly the same things: what a warm welcome they received from the staff and how happy, engaged, confident and polite the girls are in every lesson.

This week Muddy Stilettos have updated their review of the school following a recent visit. In their opinion, we offer ‘an environment where girls can be themselves, but also be heard, where wallflowers can come out of their shells in a safe and nurturing space and grow quietly in confidence. Stormont isn’t in the business of churning out straight-A clones, but guiding its girls towards finding their individual niche, and becoming the best versions of themselves, and nice to boot’.

In the words of the Dalai Lama: Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’