Remarkable Contribution

Posted: 17th April 2019

I have no doubt that you will be as sad as I am to know that next term will be Miss Riley’s last at Stormont; she is relocating to Norfolk in the summer to be near her family and, although we will be sorry to see her go, we wish her every happiness and success. Her contribution to music at Stormont has been quite remarkable in such a short space of time, and the energy and excitement amongst the girls whenever they are engaged in any musical activities, together with the standards of performances at concerts both informal and formal, are testament to the significant positive impact she has had. I am glad that she will be with us as we celebrate the School’s anniversary next term and especially on the afternoon of Thursday 20th June when the artistic, creative and musical talents will be on display for parents, family members and friends, and I hope that you will also join us then.

We will be starting the recruitment process for Miss Riley’s successor during the holidays and will update you as soon as we have further news. In the meantime I have no doubt you will all want to wish her well when you see her next term, and we will be sure to do the same.

With best wishes,

Sharon Martin