Stormont Singers at Wyllyotts Theatre

Posted: 7th December 21

Stormont Singers choir were invited to take part in the Hertfordshire Showband performance at The Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. This is the first time that this choir had performed at a theatre and did so in front of a packed audience. They rose to the occasion and it was a great success.

Girls from Years 4 to 6 can join the school choir and is always well attended. They rehearse at lunchtimes with the Head of Music at Stormont School and perform concerts for parents and families at different times of the year. To be able to be in a much bigger arena was great for their confidence and Mr Nick Pegden said “When the invite was received it was a definite yes from the school. The girls are always enthusiastic and love to learn new songs. They all worked so hard and I am very proud of them all.”

The Hertfordshire Showband is based in Potters Bar Hertfordshire, and is one of the UK’s most successful marching bands. The 60 strong band is administered by the Hertfordshire Band Academy and caters for young people and adults. They put on ‘The Show Must Go On’ at the theatre and invited the Stormont School choir to sing. Stormont Singers sang two songs splendidly and then added some festive cheer towards the end.

A Year 5 parent said “I personally want to congratulate the School Choir for such a marvellous performance. It was a joy to listen to and especially when so many children were involved and sang so beautifully and harmoniously. They all did the School and their parents proud!

“These are the memories of our kids being at school that last a lifetime and we are truly grateful for the experience. Thank you for working in your spare time to make this possible. We loved watching Isha.” said a Year 4 parent.

Miss Louise Martin, Head of Stormont School said, “I couldn’t be prouder of the children and my staff who have worked so hard with the girls to achieve such a high standard of performing. Well done everyone.”

Pre-Prep Nativity

Posted: 2nd December 21

We are super proud of our Pre-Prep this week (and every week) who have performed their nativity play over two days.  They have been working hard in their rehearsals and when it came to it, they were outstanding.   Such confident little girls who have enjoyed every minute on stage with staff and families watching.    Their enthusiasm was contagious and raised a smile across the faces of the audience, even though face masks were worn, we can tell by the eyes.  The girls were word perfect and arrived on stage at the right time full of promise.  It was a colourful spectacle of farmyard animals, angels, shepherds, soldiers and of course Mary and Joseph.   The staff have been amazing putting this together and whilst it is something they do every year, the narrative is different each time and takes a lot of time and effort.  So applause goes to them.

It has been great to bring everyone together for this special time of year to celebrate life and being kind and supportive of each other.   The mince pies and a nice cuppa went down a treat with the parents and grandparents after the performances, all supplied by the Stormont kitchen staff, thank you.    A perfect start to the festive season.

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