Leavers’ Destinations

All our past and present Year 6 girls have been committed in their preparations for entrance exams and interviews at their chosen senior schools.  This year, I am delighted to share with you the impressive results and congratulate the girls for their hard work and dedication to school life; they truly are wonderful Stormont ambassadors.

The independent secondary schools in the last academic year saw a sharp increase in the amount of applications that they received making competition tough. There were 22 girls in the Year 6 class and an incredible 45 offers were made by 13 senior schools which is outstanding. There was a significant increase in offers from Queenswood and a very healthy increase in offers from St Albans High School.   Many Head Teachers have informed me how impressed they have been with the Stormont girls who had applied to their schools and to personally congratulate Stormont on the calibre of students and their exam results.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that 11 Scholarships were awarded for academic, music and sport in the 2019/20 academic year. Our very skilled teaching staff provide a personalised learning approach and nurture the girls across all years and take great pride in watching them thrive and succeed. I would like to thank the girls, the parents and the staff for all their hard work and encouragement for what was a very successful Year 6.

Abbot’s Hill East Barnet QE Girls
Aldenham Haberdasher’s Askes Queenswood
Bancroft’s Haileybury St Albans High
Bishop’s Hatfield Mount House St Edmund’s College
Chancellor’s North London Collegiate St Margaret’s
Dame Alice Owen Princess Helena College Sherrardswood

A full list of 11+ offers and scholarships can be found here.

Miss Louise Martin


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