Application Process

Girls enter the Reception Class at Stormont in the September following their fourth birthday. To register your daughter a Registration Form should be completed and signed by both parents and a registration fee of £50 paid which is non-refundable. This can be paid online, bank details are on the Registration Form and the form can be found here . We will then place your daughter’s name on either the Entry List or the Waiting List for the term in which she expects to start school.

If your daughter is on the Entry List this means that we guarantee to hold a place for her for the agreed term of entry. If your daughter is on our Waiting List we are not able to guarantee her a definite place at Stormont.  Families who are on our Entry List are contacted in the Autumn Term prior to the September in which their daughter is due to start school with us. An offer letter is sent out to parents on the Entry List, they are asked to read and keep a copy of the standard Terms and Conditions, sign and return the Form of Acceptance together with a Confirmation Fee of £1000. Of this amount, £500 is offset against the first term’s fees; the remaining £500 is an acceptance deposit which is not refundable until the end of your daughter’s final term at Stormont.  It must be pointed out that as part of the Terms and Conditions a full term’s notice by letter signed by both parents must be given if you decide after accepting the place that you no longer wish to educate your daughter at Stormont School.

Once we have received confirmation that the Entry List places have been accepted, if there is still availability we then contact those families on the Waiting List in order of registration and the procedure as detailed above will be followed.

Children may also enter the school at any other stage provided that there is a space available. This may be at the start of a term or part way through a term.

We keep Waiting Lists for entry to each year. If a place arises, the first few candidates on the Waiting List for that year will be invited to spend the day at Stormont for an informal assessment. A place will be offered as a result of that assessment. Should your daughter not be offered a place at that point, her name may remain on the Waiting List for a subsequent place.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Kendle in Admissions, ekendle@stormontschool.org

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Live Lessons at Stormont School

All lessons at Stormont School are live!  From the start of this second lock down the Senior Leadership Team and the teaching staff knew that the best way to keep the curriculum on track was to have staff work from home teaching live.    We do have key worker children in school to support those who need our help with supervision but they all follow the same curriculum online.

We have listened to parents, adapted where needed and listened to the girls because their welfare and their continuing education is key.  Of course, we would love to be in school together and we look forward to that day but in the meantime, it is business as usual just in a different location.

If you are interested in Stormont School for your daughter, do contact us, we are here to listen.