I never cease to be impressed with how much the girls achieve, because they believe. Believing that you can do something is always the first step. Positive thinking opens doors and resilience and determination keep you trying.

This morning in Good Work assembly we sang ‘Believe’, and celebrated Reception (the whole class, for an amazing year), Form 1’s Explorer diary authors (Sophia, Tayla, Ella, Sumayah, Ava and Angelica), and Form 2’s resilience, determination and effort champions (Lucy, Emily and Olivia). We also had a players’ player trophy from Hatfield Netball Club to award (to Charlotte, who also impressed Lotte Clapp, of Saracens and England rugby fame, in yesterday’s masterclass) and – a record for Stormont – two Blue Peter badges to present on the same day (well done Megan, for your environmental campaigning, and Nicole, for your story-writing).

Today’s Non-uniform and Happy Shoes Day has been a lovely way to spend the final Friday of term, as well as helping the British Heart Foundation. Walking around the school, I have seen the girls busily comparing and evaluating 3D rainforest models, practising their singing for the end of term, tackling wordy maths problems, and taking part in tennis competitions and chess tournaments. The industry, creativity, energy and positivity is a testament to the positive thinking of everyone, and I am proud to be a part of it all.