School Trips

Stratford-upon-Avon 2015

Posted: 6th January 2015

Form Four enjoyed an action–packed few days in Stratford-upon-Avon when they discovered more about William Shakespeare and how his family used to live. After taking part in a Midsummer’s Night Dream Workshop they performed a version of the play using...

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Hatfield House 2015

Posted: 3rd January 2015

Four 4 enjoyed an audience with Henry V111 at Hatfield House. They also met Catherine Parr and presented a painting to King Henry during their meeting with him. They sang a Tudor Song to entertain the king and also learnt...

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Form 5 Rivers Trip 2014

Posted: 1st January 2015

Form Five enjoyed a wonderful field trip to the River Thames. They learnt how the River Thames has changed over the past few hundred years and studied the course of the river from source to sea. During the afternoon in...

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