Active, Creative & Reflective

It has recently been recognised that doing something productive, active, creative and reflective every day is incredibly valuable in personal and social development, and also in reducing stress levels. In preparatory education this has always been the norm, and at Stormont we aim to give the girls as many different opportunities as we can to maximise their learning experience, and to help them to find the particular aspect of learning and life that makes them feel good.

Self-confidence and self-belief are fundamental to wellbeing, and are the foundations upon which successful life-long learning is built.

In addition to English, maths, science, the humanities and French, we ensure that girls have lessons in art, pottery, design and technology, music, drama, PE and games. They also have access to a wide variety of clubs and activities before, during and after the timetabled school day. This creative an enriching environment in which the girls have every opportunity to flourish.

School visits are an important part of life at Stormont and the girls will have many opportunities to take part during their time with us. Local visits, to bring different aspects of the curriculum to life, take part regularly for girls of all ages. There is also a programme of residential trips for girls from Form 4 upwards.

In addition many visitors come to school to run a workshop or teach a particular skill.


The Programme of Residential Trips for a Typical Year
Form 4 Stratford-Upon-Avon 1 night History
Form 5 Cranedale 3 nights Science/Geography
Form 6 France 4 nights French
Forms 4 – 6 Ski Trip 6/7 nights Skiing!