Dining Room

The Dining Room is located at the other end of the Hall to Lower School, and opens out onto a courtyard.

It can accommodate half of the school at each of two sittings. Tables are allocated to the girls by staff, and in Upper School girls sit on mixed tables with other girls from each of the four forms. They change tables each half term, and this helps them to get to know other girls throughout the school.

Girls in Form 6 are responsible for looking after the younger girls on their tables, and for organising the clearing away of crockery and cutlery.

Members of the teaching staff are on duty to supervise lunch and staff sit with the girls as they eat – to enjoy their company, to get to know them in a different setting and to encourage good table manners.

Girls are invited to go up for lunch, which is served in a cafeteria system, and they can choose what they would like to eat each day from a selection of food prepared and cooked at school by our in-house kitchen team. The older girls can help themselves to a range of different salads.

The girls wear a green overall to protect their uniform at lunch – something that Form 6 girls are allowed to dispense with, as part of their preparation for transition, at an agreed point during their final term at Stormont.