Off-Site Facilities

The school is very fortunate to have access to a two acre field adjacent to the site, and to have the use of the swimming pool at Queenswood School, just a few minutes’ drive away, for weekly swimming lessons.

The field is used for play at lunchtime for the girls on a daily basis, and the pool at Queenswood is used every Friday afternoon by girls from Forms 2-6. A Run for Fun activity run by Stormont’s PE department also takes place at Queenwood’s athletics track after school on Friday afternoons.

Parents are generously allowed, by prior arrangement, to park at Old Owens Sports Ground in their car park when there is a special event at school.


All girls at Stormont School learn to swim at Queenswood School on Friday afternoons. The pool is available for three sessions. Girls in Forms 2 and 3 swim all year, and girls in Forms 4, 5 and 6 swim in the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms respectively. At the end of each form’s time in the pool there is a House Swimming Gala, in which every girl takes part and to which parents are invited.

All forms are escorted to and from school by their form teacher and another member of staff; they travel by coach. They are supervised in the pool by the PE staff and the swimming coach at Queenswood.


As well as using the two acre field adjacent to the school, Stormont girls have access to the athletics track at Queenswood School on Fridays, for the after-school Run for Fun activity led by the PE staff.