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Summer Term 2017


The results of our Summer Term 2017 fixtures :

25.05.2017 U9A Rounders v Manor Lodge U9A Stormont won, 17-8½
U9B Rounders v Manor Lodge U9B Stormont lost, 8-8½
24.05.2017 U10A Rounders v NLCS U10A Stormont won, 10-1½
U10B Rounders v NLCS U10B Stormont won, 19½-7
16.05.2017 U11A Rounders v St Joseph’s U11A Stormont won, 19-10
U10A Rounders v St Joseph’s U10A Stormont won, 11-5½
 09.05.2017 U10A Rounders v Duncombe U10A Stormont won, 16-12½
U10B Rounders v Duncombe U10B Stormont won, 13½ – 12½
03.05.2017 Le Gros Netball Tournament Runners Up to Brookmans Park

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