School Houses

Each girl at Stormont is very proud to belong to a House. There are three school houses at Stormont: St Andrew’s, St Patrick’s and St George’s. Being a member of a House develops teamwork, cooperation, initiative and performance skills. It is an intrinsic part of life here at Stormont.

The three house emblems form the Stormont Crest:

The girls are assigned to individual houses on an ad hoc basis, unless they have an older sister in the school in which case they would join their sister’s house. The Form 6 girls may be selected to become joint House Captains of one of the three houses in their final year at Stormont. On joining Stormont the teaching staff are attached to different houses and help with the various house activities.

The house system has a role in many aspects of the school’s daily life, such as house points. These are awarded for various positive actions such as good behaviour, helpfulness and taking responsibility. The points are added up weekly and the winning house is announced during Good Work Assembly each Friday. A cup is awarded to the overall winner each term.

Inter-house matches are played throughout the year and cups duly awarded. One of the girls’ favourite duties is to organise separate house assemblies, usually one or two a term. These are another way that girls connect vertically through the school. The girls are encouraged to work together to select teams, to help younger girls in planning house activities and even to participate in a Christmas quiz! Showing visitors around Stormont is one of their most favoured roles and it is lovely to hear them speak so proudly of their school.

Various events organised by the girls, such as House Sales and Rug Sales, raise money for the school’s charity annually. The emphasis is upon giving the girls the opportunity to organise their individual stall or rug independently and, of course, there is a little friendly rivalry as to which house has raised the most money!

St Andrew’s House

St Andrew’s House is closely associated with Scotland as St Andrew is Scotland’s patron saint. The house colour is blue and the thistle is their emblem. House Captains are selected as girls whom the staff believe to be good role models and inspiring leaders. The St Andrew’s girls are the senior house captains during the Autumn Term, in which their patron saint’s day occurs – 30th November. They direct and help to present a house assembly to the whole school – last year’s was based on the famous Scottish folk tale of “The Wee Bannock”.

St Patrick’s House

As that country’s patron saint, St Patrick’s House is associated with Ireland. The house colour is green and the shamrock is the house emblem. During the Spring Term, on 17th March, the St Patrick’s House Captains are senior house captains and they and the other Form 6 girls organise a special assembly for the rest of the school, which last year retold the story of St Patrick and the snakes, and which always involves audience participation and some – very energetic! – Irish dancing.

 St George’s House

St George’s House is, of course, associated with England. The house colour is red, and the house emblem is the rose. In the summer term, as close as they can to April 23rd, the girls celebrate St George and his bravery in slaying the dragon according to legend in their special House Assembly. A modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet, a classic Punch and Judy show – complete with crocodile and sausages – and an adapted version of George and the Dragon have been performed in recent years.