Haileybury Choral Competition 2022

Posted: 4th February 2022

Stormont Singers were invited to enter the Haileybury Choral Competition and Head of Music, Mr Pegden, grabbed the chance with both hands. Pupils and staff spent the day at Haileybury in Ware to perform their chosen song, ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ first recorded by Cass Elliot of Mamas and Papas fame. They sang it beautifully.

Stormont Singers is a voluntary attended group of children at Stormont School who enjoy singing in their lunch time across Years 3 to 4.   As part of the competition each school was given an additional song to learn prior to the event and then perform at the competition as a whole choir. Each of the five schools had a Masterclass with the Head of Choral Music and Voice, Andrew O’Brien, and time to practice throughout the day. It was a fabulous day and we were privileged to be able to perform in Chapel and be part of the first competition of its kind open to primary schools.

One of the many highlights was lunch in the huge dining room and the choice on offer was outstanding.  After lunch fuelled with superb food, the girls and staff were able to walk around the grounds and were entertained by many accomplished musicians in The Bradby Hall. Pupils shared their music experiences with the girls and played such complex pieces but made it look effortless. Such talent was in abundance it was really inspiring to be part of a school day at Haileybury.

A win evaded us this time but the experience was invaluable and has built confidence in our pupils and their sense of achievement. Performing at a large event in front of an audience unknown to the girls was such a great experience.  Chapel was impressive with its domed ceiling enabling the voice of Stormont to achieve a different sound.  At the other end was the huge organ that dominated the entire wall and accompanied the choir performance.

Competing as a choir was knew to them and has given them the taste for performing. Also collaborating with other choirs on a large scale was pretty impressive for the age group of 8 to 10 and something that doesn’t come along very often at this age.

They have all come away with a sense of pride in their ability and an opportunity to explore their future talents.


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