Why Choose a Girls’ School

At Stormont we believe in the power of educating girls.

Research from AQR International confirms that girls are ‘more open to learning’ and are ‘more resilient’ in a single sex environment. At Stormont, gender stereotypes are broken down and girls fill all the roles available to them rather than conforming to stereotypical roles usually held by girls.  The girls are free to enjoy all opportunities available to them in both the classroom and our co-curricular programme.

Research by the Department for Education (DfE) has shown that girls who attend girls’ schools have a much higher uptake in maths, technology and the sciences at secondary school. At Stormont we provide them with the strong foundations needed in preparation for their move to secondary school to support their ambitions in these vital subjects.  Within lessons we encourage girls to take learning risks and to challenge themselves to find solutions through problem solving and thinking outside the box.

At Stormont there are no barriers in the classroom that are present in co-ed schools. Our specialist teachers are trained to teach to the strengths of the girls, bringing out the best in their abilities, and have the flexibility to adapt their teaching methods when needed.  In class, girls are more confident to express opinions and answer questions without peer pressure, the fear of being wrong or looking self-conscious in front of boys. They are eager to take leadership roles, develop their entrepreneurial skills and are fully supportive of each other’s ideas.

Research has also shown that girls in a girls’ school are more likely to participate in sport.  At Stormont we have a broad PE curriculum that is designed for all girls, whatever their interests and abilities, to have the opportunity to try all sports. In addition to netball, hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, tennis, athletics (and more), we have added football and cricket into the PE curriculum. PE in a girls environment removes inhibitions and barriers to opportunities, a wider range of playing positions, and allows girls to immerse themselves fully and have fun in every lesson.  It teaches them the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and the benefits that playing sport has for their health and mental wellbeing.  In Prep all girls participate in sports teams and represent the School with year group fixtures against other schools in a range of sports, instilling into them early on a culture of team spirit and an enjoyment of sport.

Our co-curricular clubs provide additional areas in which we are able to tailor our programme to specifically develop the girls’ interest and skill sets. Each club is geared towards enhancing the school experience at Stormont, and continues to allow the girls to develop their confidence in learning and refining new skills, whilst aiding their social development.



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