Art & Design

In Art & Design Stormont pupils are taught in half classes of twelve.  Projects include drawing from primary observation and learning to record elements in art, such as tone, form, texture, space, line etc.  Pupils also work imaginatively and learn about visual concepts.  A range of media are covered each year including printing, painting, drawing, collage, clay, wire, papier-mâché and 3D work.   The girls reach their full potential producing work of a high standard.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Stormont’s Art Room provides a spacious area for the girls to study all forms of art.  It is a light and creative space in the Courtyard that encourages creativity on a large and small scale.  Our specialist art teachers are inspirational and can develop a child’s thirst for art; the room can be quiet and reflective with the girls’ concentrating or a noisy robust environment where colourful, creativity craft is on display.

The curriculum allows the girls to really express themselves with different mediums, they all work towards the annual art exhibition where every child’s art is on display.  Art competitions are entered and we are really pleased that one of our Year 1 children won first prize in this year’s IAPS iArt exhibition with her self portrait.

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