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Able & Talented

The school aims to establish each girl’s abilities in all areas of a broad and challenging curriculum and to extend her to her full potential.  We therefore recognise that there is a need for differentiation to provide able learners with a stimulating and challenging curriculum which gives opportunities for their abilities to be developed.  This opportunity will be made available to able and talented girls irrespective of ethnic origin, culture or disability.  We also recognise that in making provision for able learners we are enriching the learning environment and learning opportunities of all pupils.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate defines able and gifted pupils as those with strong intellectual and academic abilities, and talented pupils as those who excel in specific areas, for example, music, art, design, drama, dance or sport.

There are also opportunities for children who show an aptitude for maths to attend organised challenges held by senior schools to which we are invited to attend.

This approach applies to all children in the school, from the EYFS Reception Form to Year 6.


To identify able learners and those with specific talents.

To recognise and track the progress of able learners.

To provide an environment where all girls can enjoy and achieve through learning, and develop their abilities and talents to the full.

To support staff in providing appropriate programmes of study and other learning opportunities.

To identify and develop resources.

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Stormont School

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Live Lessons at Stormont School

All lessons at Stormont School are live!  From the start of this second lock down the Senior Leadership Team and the teaching staff knew that the best way to keep the curriculum on track was to have staff work from home teaching live.    We do have key worker children in school to support those who need our help with supervision but they all follow the same curriculum online.

We have listened to parents, adapted where needed and listened to the girls because their welfare and their continuing education is key.  Of course, we would love to be in school together and we look forward to that day but in the meantime, it is business as usual just in a different location.

If you are interested in Stormont School for your daughter, do contact us, we are here to listen.