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Design & Technology

Design and Technology is the study of the production of made objects that must be for a purpose and solve human needs.

Projects are based on a realistic design brief, so pupils make marketable products. The pupils are required to research, develop and assess their work in terms of User, Purpose, Functionality, Design, Innovation and Authenticity whilst learning a wide range of skills and techniques. In textiles they learn the skills of embroidery, tie-dye, appliqué, batik, construction techniques of weaving and felting as well as skills in using the sewing machine. In Resistant Materials they cover mechanisms and structures and progressively make more sophisticated products each year. Work includes making shadow puppets, pop-up books, electrical cars, lightshades, furniture and cam toys. Pupils learn to work collaboratively as well as on an individual basis.

We also look at the work of culturally diverse craftspeople and designers, including a project with a visiting practitioner.

Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and change our world.
Daniel Charny, Guest Curator at the V & A 'Power of Making' Exhibition 2011

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