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Wow, Bubble, Fizz and Whoosh are sounds often heard as you pass by the Science Lab at Stormont. Our priority is to inspire a love of Science as and for the wonders found all around us in the natural world. 

Your daughter will cover the National Curriculum and in addition to this, lessons provide opportunities to develop additional knowledge and skills, enabling your daughter to reach her full potential. We deliver a highly practical curriculum which feeds curiosity and develops investigation skills, group work and higher-order thinking. 

In Reception and Year 1, your daughter will be taught by her class teacher. The subject is often linked or used as their topics for that term, enabling links to be made with other curriculum areas. Topics are carefully chosen to ensure that she will be able to relate to the content, making links to the world around her and build on the skills required as she moves through her scientific learning. Girls in Year 2 are taught in their own classroom by our full-time specialist science teacher.

Throughout Prep, girls are taught in half-classes by our full-time specialist science teacher in the designated Science classroom. The small class sizes, specialist teaching skills and range of equipment to hand in the Science Lab enable our very practical curriculum and ensure that your daughter can exercise her sense of wonder, and embrace her own scientific enquiries, both inside and outside the classroom.

Throughout our curriculum, when studying scientists and their discoveries, we use female case studies wherever possible. This, alongside regular visits from female role-models working in STEM careers, means our girls truly know that there’s no limits to what they can achieve in this area. 

We provide many extra-curricular experiences, competitions and a Crest Award Science Club, all of which provide further opportunities to nurture the children’s enthusiasm. During our weekly Celebration Assemblies, we love to share their success in these competitions and clubs, as well as in their class work and also in their own projects outside of school.

Our extra-curricular experiences this year included winning first place in the GSA Science and Computing competition, ‘Female Pioneers of Science’. Earlier in the year we nurtured our very own clutch of chicken eggs with a live web-cam feed. The Spring Term saw workshops led by the McLaren Women in Stem Ambassadors (with their sports car!) and through this year’s Eco-Prefect competition, a national award was won in recognition of our battery recycling. In addition, we were visited by a host of talented guests working in fields such as engineering, mining and even Lego! To top it off, our annual Year 5 residential trip to Norfolk took place, enabling the girls to develop their Science and Geography fieldwork skills.

Stormont instils a love of Science from Reception through to Year 6 providing a rich and exciting experience.  Could your daughter become one of tomorrow’s scientists or inventors?  Start her discovery here.


Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.
Mae Jemison, first African American woman astronaut in space

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