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Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care throughout the school is paramount to promote healthy and happy pupils in a positive nurturing environment.  They are known by all the staff and gain confidence in meeting and talking to the whole school community.  Whilst Pre-Prep have their own teaching and activity area, they do move around the school for music, ICT and art and perform in the Pearson Hall for festivals and plays.   They get to know their school really well and get to spend time with the Prep girls who visit their classrooms for reading and organised play sessions.

Our dedicated and caring staff across the School ensure the girls are well cared for, their wellbeing is looked after and we create a happy purposeful place to learn and play where a sense of belonging is important.

We have staff on duty throughout the day who are First Aid or Paediatric trained for all eventualities.  All staff are aware of particular medical conditions and food intolerances for each child.  The welfare of all Stormont girls is our priority and we want the girls to thrive and develop their personalities in our nurturing Stormont family.

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