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Concerts, Plays and Festivals

From the outset Reception children are encouraged to join in and get up on stage and be confident.  They are nurtured and given every opportunity to shine from the Harvest Festival to their class assembly.   Their faces reflect their pride in performing for parents, staff and visitors.

In Year 2 the girls can learn an instrument and join an ensemble, an orchestra or play to an audience as a soloist.   There are plenty of opportunities to join a choir, concerts are held throughout the year to give them confidence to keep studying or take part.  Some will also be asked to perform at Open Days.

Each class will perform a play to the school and parents during the academic year.  Parents are invited to stay for tea or coffee and home cooked biscuits after to chat with staff.

Walking through the school staff can come across a rock band, a toe tapping tune or a lullaby at any moment.  Magical!

I wanted to say how wonderful all the girls performed this morning in their class assembly. It was a real joy and pleasure to watch and the girls looked like they were enjoying performing as well. Well done all involved.

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Live Lessons at Stormont School

All lessons at Stormont School are live!  From the start of this second lock down the Senior Leadership Team and the teaching staff knew that the best way to keep the curriculum on track was to have staff work from home teaching live.    We do have key worker children in school to support those who need our help with supervision but they all follow the same curriculum online.

We have listened to parents, adapted where needed and listened to the girls because their welfare and their continuing education is key.  Of course, we would love to be in school together and we look forward to that day but in the meantime, it is business as usual just in a different location.

If you are interested in Stormont School for your daughter, do contact us, we are here to listen.