Growth Mindset

Posted: 24th May 2021

Around school there is a lot going on in the classroom about Growth Mindset.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, 25th, parents have been invited to attend a workshop.  What is Growth Mindset?  Lots of research has been carried out about children and how they perceive what they can’t do or actually what they can do!   Growth Mindset is about promoting a mindset that says “I can’t do something, YET.”   We want children to show resilience in their learning.  Unless a pupil tries something they won’t know if they can or can’t and if they don’t succeed first time, then how do we get them to keep trying and adapting so they can do better?  Not getting something right is fine, it’s ok to get something wrong.  The key is learning from your mistakes and next time you will do better.

Today girls in Year 4 did a Mindset Quiz and made some posters.   Just some of their ideas:-

  • Success is the journey
  • Progress not perfect
  • Keep trying
  • You can do it!
  • Understanding my mistakes means my brain is changing and I am getting smarter

The Reception class have been making flowers and writing kind words on each of the parts of a flower reminding them that once a word is said, it can’t be taken back.  So choosing the rights words is a good mindset and to be nice to each other.

These are all positive outcomes that we want Stormont girls to live by and something that adults could take on board.  Are you a ‘Can’t Do’ or ‘Can’t Do, Yet’ type of person?

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