Safari Pete

Posted: 14th June 2021

Our Pre-Prep experienced a day with Safari Pete who brought his animals to show the classes.  An amazing collection of animals and reptiles made an impact with the girls with a real hands on experience.  A crocodile was the star of the show or was it the barn owl, maybe even the tarantula, could have been the meerkat?   There were certainly many to see and learn about – Safari Pete talked about the habitats of each animal, the food they liked to eat, how they hunted and where they came from.  He was enthusiastic and kept the girls’ attention brilliantly.  When they got to hold and touch the crocodile it was pure delight on their faces and watching the snake eat their prey was incredible.    We think that there could be some potential vets or conservationists in our Reception or Year 1 & 2 classes!

Honestly a wonderful experience giving young girls a chance to learn about something slightly more scary but equally more exciting.
Safari Pete

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