Summer Music Concert

Posted: 30th June 2021

What a fantastic start to Wednesday. So many talented musicians got together for the Stormont School Summer Concert. All the performers worked so hard to prepare for the event, a major contribution to the school calendar.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions an audience wasn’t possible and all the performers had to keep to their bubbles but with lots of rehearsals and planning it went brilliantly. The concert was recorded so that parents are able to watch at their leisure. The singers were so entertaining and certainly set the tone. The range of instruments played included piano, saxophone, guitar, clarinet, drums, violin and the flute, all the girls were outstanding. Many of the music teachers also performed to accompany on the piano or guitar.

Girls as young as 7 played on the stage as soloists, some only just starting to learn their instrument this year. The standard of the pupils’ achievements is high at Stormont and all are encouraged to try their best and introduce instruments such as the saxophone, drums or electric guitar. These aren’t always seen as a girl’s ambition to play but at Stormont it is normal. The saying is always, give it a go, take a risk!

Pupils learn many instruments at Stormont School from Year 2 and are taught by peripatetic teachers employed by the school in the dedicated Millennium Building where there are two practice rooms in the Music Studio. The Music Department has a strong presence at Stormont and each class from Reception through to Year 6 is taught music on the timetable every week. There is also a recorder club running on Teams but Stormont can’t wait to get back to having their clubs before school, at lunchtimes and after school. Rock choir, rock band, ensembles, orchestra and all manner of bands or groups are part of the school week.

Mr Nick Pegden, Head of Music, said “I am proud of all the girls’ performances, for some it was the first time on a school stage. They have all been fantastic and I look forward to working with them throughout their time here. Keep up the good work!”

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