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Year 5 Residential Trip at Cuffley Camp

Posted: 24th June 21

Like every other school in the country planning trips of any kind has been beset with disappointment but not this time. Stormont School achieved what seemed like the impossible this month with a residential trip for 21 excited girls. Even better, they didn’t have to travel on a motorway in a coach to get there, the camp is literally on the doorstep in Hertfordshire, which meant more time enjoying the grounds! Cuffley Camp was under new management just before the start of lockdown and reopened very recently to schools.

Three fun-packed days and two nights were booked with the girls staying in dormitories with their friends. Tomahawk (axe throwing) seemed to slice opinion, laser quest was enlightening and camouflage and concealment wasn’t apparent! So much to experience but the highlights of this trip were making memories sitting round the campfire, night walks, rock climbing and fire lighting. The teamwork tasks were challenging and will build their skills in problem solving for the future. Growth mindset is part of the school day at Stormont School and all the girls were positively encouraged to try everything once, take a risk and leap into the unknown.

At this girls’ only school the pupils benefit from learning in a safe environment, get to test their resilience, gain confidence and take risks without distraction. Miss Martin, Head of Stormont School, surprised all the girls with a visit one afternoon, she said “It has been a tremendous opportunity for them, bringing the curriculum to life and enhance learning outside of the classroom is so important.”

The girls loved sleeping in the new cabins, before bed on the first night they sat round the campfire which they learnt how to build, singing songs and eating S’mores. The next day they had the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice when they had to build their own fire, light it and toast marshmallows. The Year 5 Form Tutor, Madame Allin, said “The trip was a lot of fun and it brought us all closer to nature and to each other at the same time. It is fabulous to have been able to make fond memories. The trip is just what the girls needed after a year of interruption with lockdown.”

Miss Stephens, Head of Learning Support, said “It was great to see all the girls having fun in the great outdoors, try new activities and learning to work together which is something that they have all missed out on due to COVID-19.”

Shanti B said “It was a good experience of being out of your comfort zone, the wall climbing challenged me.” Bella F said “I would recommend this to another school because you learn loads of new things and learn how to survive in the wild.”

Book Drive at Stormont School with The Children’s Book Project

Posted: 18th June 21

One in four disadvantaged children across the UK has fewer than ten books of their own at home, and one in eight has none at all. The Children’s Book Project seeks to tackle book poverty and to give every child the opportunity to own their own book. The charity takes donations of books that children have grown out of and gifts them directly to children with very few books of their own, or none at all.

Families at Stormont School were invited to donate any new or gently-used children’s books from baby books all the way up to those suitable for age 18. The response has been amazing. Parents and children have scoured their shelves and cupboards for books that have been read and loved but now ready for a new owner. The school has been inundated with donations from parents and children, their generosity has been wonderful.

The books are cleaned, sorted and redistributed to schools across the UK. It is important for all children to have books that they can share with their family and friends helping them to broaden their literacy skills. Developing important communication in both the classroom and at home is essential for a child’s welfare.

Mrs Paramor, parent to a Year 2 child at Stormont, contacted the school to highlight this brilliant charity and asked for them to get involved.

Mrs Paramor has a real passion for reading and said “I have recently become aware of a charity working in the area (South East and London) called the Children’s Book Project, which aims to tackle book poverty by re-distributing good-quality second-hand children’s books to kids that have very few books of their own.” She went on to say “I think it would be a lovely thing for our girls to know that the books they have outgrown will have a new home to go to.”

Stormont School is always willing to help support others and this project has sparked great interest. The girls watched a YouTube video which explained the project and were excited to get involved.

Pupils from Years 3 and 4 were chosen to represent the school and help load the books when collected. Further information about the charity and its work can be found at

Stormont School Supports Others

Posted: 14th June 21

Mr Andrew Newland, Chair of governors at Stormont School presented £1,200 to Mr Roger Moore, Chairman of The Hart and Parker Trust. The Hart and Parker Trust is a local charity that Stormont School in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire supports. The Trust helps families with food bank parcels, baby equipment, furniture and anything that helps the daily life of an individual or a family. They do tremendous work in the community and one that is supported every year by Stormont School. The Trust receives almost all its referrals from the local Children’s Centres, Health Visitors, Family Support Workers and the CAB.

The girls from Reception to Year 6 took part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge on 30th April by completing different challenges. They were all encouraged to get sponsored and help to raise money. Stormont pupils and staff were proud to be part of the event.

Miss Louise Martin, Head of Stormont School and Miss Alexis Sobell, Deputy Head attended the presentation with representatives from each class from Reception to Year 6. It is always a pleasure to support local charities and know that the amount raised will make a difference. Mr Moore explained how a local family, who had recently been affected by bereavement, had been supported by the Trust. The family’s children had needed essential new clothing at a difficult time in their lives.

Year 6 House Captains nominate local charities at the beginning of the academic year but The Hart and Parker Trust is one that Stormont supports year on year. In the past there have been food parcels and sponsorships. This week parents and children are being asked to donate books in good condition (from baby books, up to age 18) for a separate charity, The Children’s Book Project. The parents’ association (SPA) wants to help re-home books that children have outgrown and pass on to those children who have few books of their own. Stormont School prides itself on helping others.

Safari Pete

Posted: 14th June 21

Our Pre-Prep experienced a day with Safari Pete who brought his animals to show the classes.  An amazing collection of animals and reptiles made an impact with the girls with a real hands on experience.  A crocodile was the star of the show or was it the barn owl, maybe even the tarantula, could have been the meerkat?   There were certainly many to see and learn about – Safari Pete talked about the habitats of each animal, the food they liked to eat, how they hunted and where they came from.  He was enthusiastic and kept the girls’ attention brilliantly.  When they got to hold and touch the crocodile it was pure delight on their faces and watching the snake eat their prey was incredible.    We think that there could be some potential vets or conservationists in our Reception or Year 1 & 2 classes!

Top Six in the Haileybury Virtual Arts Challenge 2021

Posted: 11th June 21

Stormont School is pleased and delighted to announce that one of their entries to the recent Haileybury Virtual Arts Challenge 2021 has been chosen as one of the top six pieces of work submitted.

Prep schools were invited earlier in the year to submit their entries interpreting famous quotes of Shakespeare in either English, Art, Music or Drama. Stormont School Year 6 girls worked in pairs creating visual responses of concepts related to their chosen quotes using photography. The girls explored quotes to use and how they could bring them to life using their English language and art knowledge.

Six images were selected by the Art Department to be entered, it was a hard decision by the teachers who led the project because the standard was so high. The photographs entered were done by Natasha S, Anaya K, Leah R, Freyjana K, Bo B, Florence F, Ruby L, Isla E, Zeinab A and Ivy F. Mrs R Burgess, Head of the Art Department said, ‘The girls produced a range of very imaginative responses and enjoyed the experience of exploring ideas in a new way’. Girls from Reception class all the way through school produce amazing work to a high level using a wide range of mediums. For these pieces the Year 6 girls put their camera skills  to good use around the school for this project and Stormont is proud of their achievement.

The winning image ‘All that glistens is not gold’ chosen by Haileybury was by Anaya K and Natasha S. They were thrilled to receive the news that their work had been chosen as one of six and have received certificates and prizes for their efforts with a Shakespeare theme. On announcing the results, Haileybury said that the entries were all creative and imaginative and it was great to see how the pupils were inspired by Shakespeare.


Growth Mindset

Posted: 24th May 21

Around school there is a lot going on in the classroom about Growth Mindset.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, 25th, parents have been invited to attend a workshop.  What is Growth Mindset?  Lots of research has been carried out about children and how they perceive what they can’t do or actually what they can do!   Growth Mindset is about promoting a mindset that says “I can’t do something, YET.”   We want children to show resilience in their learning.  Unless a pupil tries something they won’t know if they can or can’t and if they don’t succeed first time, then how do we get them to keep trying and adapting so they can do better?  Not getting something right is fine, it’s ok to get something wrong.  The key is learning from your mistakes and next time you will do better.

Today girls in Year 4 did a Mindset Quiz and made some posters.   Just some of their ideas:-

  • Success is the journey
  • Progress not perfect
  • Keep trying
  • You can do it!
  • Understanding my mistakes means my brain is changing and I am getting smarter

The Reception class have been making flowers and writing kind words on each of the parts of a flower reminding them that once a word is said, it can’t be taken back.  So choosing the rights words is a good mindset and to be nice to each other.

These are all positive outcomes that we want Stormont girls to live by and something that adults could take on board.  Are you a ‘Can’t Do’ or ‘Can’t Do, Yet’ type of person?

Captain Tom 100

Posted: 30th April 21

Today we have taken part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge in support of The Hart and Parker Trust, a local charity who support local families.  They are a charity that we support year on year and due to COVID-19 it has been difficult to raise money but today we were able to get everyone involved at school.   Our Years 5 and 6 did challenges on the field including burpees, hopping, skipping, running, hurdles and running between poles amongst other challenges.  The girls loved it and was a great chance to enjoy the school grounds.

It started quite warm and sunny but turned a little chilly when the Years 3 and 4 came out to the field after their break, however it didn’t curb their enthusiasm, in fact it made them run a little faster to keep warm.  Pre-Prep did their bit on the field in the afternoon, for some of them it is the first time to represent their school and they were so keen to do their best to raise money.  their obstacle course was laid out after lunch.  Mrs P has done a sterling job designing the activities and Miss Sobell put all the plans and timings together.

A Just Giving page has been launched and our aim is to raise £500, if you would like to donate use the link here : Crowdfunding to support the Hart and Parker Trust on JustGiving 

Red Nose Day

Posted: 19th March 21

Lots of jokes have been shared today as part of Share a Smile for Comic Relief.  “What do you call a pig that knows karate?  Pork chop!”

We have seen lots of red noses on display and hair bands that have noses that wobble.  Our wonderful catering staff produced red nose day cakes for all to enjoy.  The girls brought in £1 to buy a cake to donate to Comic Relief, great excitement when the cakes appeared this afternoon.

We’ve had house cross country and house netball this week, points are being counted and the winning House will be announced at the end of term (my hopes are on St Andrew).   With so much to fit in before the end of term, its hard to imagine that this is only our second week back.

This term our Year 4 girls have been reading  ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate DiCamillo.  A good read apparently with very enthusiastic reviews.  To celebrate the girls dressed up as some of the characters.

A definite fun Friday for Stormont.

World Book Day

Posted: 8th March 21

World Book Day isn’t really about one day, Stormont has been working on different aspects all week.    Simon Mole, an accomplished poet led workshops with the girls at Stormont School remotely.  Following on from that Lochinver House School and Stormont collaborated on a poetry competition.  The Head of Stormont, Miss Louise Martin, judged poems written by the Lochinver House boys and the poems that our girls had written were judged by their Head of English, Mr Neil Latchford.  It was a perfect joining of the brother and sister schools close in proximity in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

The theme of the competition was ‘Life in Lockdown’, why wouldn’t it be, when it is so much on our minds?    So many entered and the standard of course was excellent. Being able to express ones self about something that affects us is good for the soul.   Not only that, they put their knowledge and talent to good use.

World Book Day was celebrated across the world on Thursday, 4th March.  Lovely costumes and inspiring characters came to life off the pages of books that Stormont girls love to read.

Lochinver Winners were Nick C in the Year 7-8 category, Alexis M in the Year 3-6 category and Nathanial in Pre-Prep.

Stormont Winners were Divisha B – Reception, Athena A – Year 1, Lola B-A – Year 2, Chiara C-C – Year 3, Sophia M-P – Year 4, Reva T – Year 5 and last but not least, Ruby L – Y6.

Lovely work everyone, well done!


A Visit by Simon Mole

Posted: 2nd March 21

Pupils at Stormont School were excited to meet Simon Mole virtually today for a poetry workshop in the lead up to World Book Day, set up by Mrs Rose, Head of English.   Simon is a critically acclaimed poet who has videos on YouTube on how to write a poem in 5 minutes, take a look for yourself.   He has inspired the girls and the teachers with tips on how to create their contribution to the lesson following which a competition is to be judged by the Head, Miss Martin.

Every single pupil wrote a poem today.  Year 3 and 4 wrote about a kite of their own and Year 5 and 6 wrote about spells, time travel and flying.  We look forward to reading them all.  Well done everyone.

Winners will be announced next week.

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